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I am a Ukrainian lawyer having extensive experience in business establishment, corporate governance, financial transactions, and court representation.

Despite my expertise was accumulated in the spheres of corporate/financial law, I sometimes deal with cases related to other fields - IP, e-commerce, government relations, real estate, labour, competetion.

From time to time, I also run civil cases on a pro bono basis (for free).



I have an admission to the Kyiv City Bar. See the information in the Ukrainian Attorneys Register here:



Q: I had a dispute against a Ukrainian company outside Ukraine where the court decided in favour of me (my company). May a court ruling be forcibly enforced in Ukraine?

A: No, the court ruling must be preliminary admitted to be forcibly enforced in Ukraine by the Ukrainian court in accordance with part IX of the Civil Procedural Code of Ukraine.


Q: Must a Ukrainian company obtain any specific permit or a license to trade internationally?


A: No, there is no requirement for obtaining any permit or a license.

Q: I have decided to purchase financial instruments issued in Ukraine (for instance, sovereign bonds). Do I have to open a securities account in Ukraine?


A: No, you may transfer the purchased financial instruments to your securities account opened kept in your jurisdiction on condition that such a transfer may performed though the correspondent account opened with the Ukrainian depository. In the case of the sovereign securities, the correspondent account opened with the National Bank of Ukraine for Clearstrem. Another option is to use nominee services through a Ukrainian custody


Q: I have decided to purchase financial instruments issued in Ukraine. Is there a need for the Ukrainian securities trader?


A: Generally speaking, yes. Even in the case you decided to govern your relationship by the law other than Ukrainian using the lex voluntatis principle, the requirement for participation of Ukrainian securities trader is peremptory (imperative).




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